TryParis Triathlon
Paris, TX
April 14, 2007
425 yd. swim, 12.2 mile bike, 3.1 mile run
Time:  1:33:32
Place:  1 / 3 in Age Group
Weather conditions:  overcast, 43°, gusting winds

Swim   T1
Far left:  How many more laps?
Left:  Wet and cold, and I'm not
on the bike yet!
T2  Finish
Far left:  Coming in from the bike
leg--with frozen legs!
Left:  One more step....
Really Finished  Prize
Far left:  Finished!!
Left:  Hey, I finally won somethin'!

Susan G. Komen Run (5K)
May 12, 2007
Time:  31:50
Place:  13/21 in AG
Weather:  Upper 60s, slightly humid, clear
Course:  Lots of Hills!

Four States Triathlon
Texarkana, Texas
May 20, 2007
650 yd. swim, 13.0 mile bike, 3 mile run
Time:  1:29.38
Place: 5/  in AG
Weather:  water temp 75°, ambient temp. mild, clear, calm
Course:  Flat!

Texarkana 1
Texarkana 2
This is the first time I've used my wetsuit in competition.  I'm trying to squeeze into it while listening to the race director's instructions.  This takes a lot of concentration!
Texarkana 3
Texarkana 4
Okay, I made it into the water, and out of the water, and I didn't drown.
Texarkana 5
Tearkana 6
Far left-- Getting ready to ride.  As you can see by the absence of bikes on my rack, I'm running behind!

Left-- Glding in for the T2 dismount.
Texarkana 7
Texarkana 8
Far left-- the happiest sight in a race:  the finish line!

Left-- An equally happy sight:  me and "me mates"--Carlos Ruiz and Steve Farris--"score hardware"

Power Maiden Triathlon

Athens, TX
June 15, 2006
Time:  40:16
Place:  3rd, AG
300 meter swim, 14 mi. bike, 5 K run
Weather:  Heavy rain; delayed start; no bike leg

It's About Time!
After 2 1/2 hours waiting, FINALLY we get ready to roll!
Hit the Water!
Ready, set, go!
Passsing Tammy
The ONLY time I'd ever pass Tammy Rooney is in the water!
Pull Me Up!
Pull me up!
Hit the Road
Wet, wetter, wettest (yet to come?).
Nope, this is wet--soaking wet
Yep, this is soaking wet.
What a mess!
Where's the clean-up crew?  Oh, yeah, it's me!
Tammy Rooney Rules!  You don't mess with this chick! (Got her game face on.)

2007 Texas State Time Trial Championship
August 4, 2007
Weather:  Sunny/PC, 93° (hot!)
Course:  40K  (24.8 miles), flat to slightly rolling
Time:  1:14.22, avg. 20 mph
Place:  1st!

Above three photos © Craig Prejean