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Research and Language

There are also many other sites to help in research and writing.  These include: 

A Research Guide for Students Merriam-Webster Online Language Resources includes dictionary and thesaurus. --includes dictionary and encyclopedia, as well as facts about U. S. Presidents (excellent) and U. S. History and Government (good but erratic in quality).
WordNet --allows you to search for words with similar or opposite meanings
Free Dictionary Online --searches several online databases simultaneously -- is a vast archive of published articles availble for free searches.  Articles from 300 publications go back to 1998.

...and many, many more, though don't overlook the obvious--the spell check, thesaurus, and grammar checks already available on your word processing software!!  (There is no excuse for turning in a paper with misspelled words.)


Map Travel ( -- excellent source for online (.gif), up-to-date maps on any country or state.

Writing and Grammar

For help in all phases of writing, including grammar, I
strongly recommend Guide to Grammar and Writing , as well as two resources on use of active verb forms, Active and Passive Voice and UMW's The Writing Center .  (You will soon discover that I detest overuse of passive voice!)

I have also composed a Sample Essay that you may examine.

Using the Internet

Exploring the World Wide Web (for beginners with no Web experience)
Net Lingo
A Student's Guide to Research With the WWW

This page last updated:  January 14, 2004.