The purpose of this part of Unit One is to familarize the student with U. S. foreign affairs during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  A great deal of the unit derives from an excellent set of lessons posted on the web site, The Age of Imperialism, hosted by

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The Age of Imperialism

Thinking Points and Terms

Note:  The lectures below are all on the "Go to" web site

Lecture 1 Expansion in the Pacific

Lecture 2 The Spanish-American War

Lecture 3
The Boxer Rebellion

Lecture 4 The Panama Canal

Lecture 5 U. S. Intervention in Latin America


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Chapter 17, "The United States and the World."
Chapter 18, "The United States and the World."
Chapter 20, "Stepping Into World Affairs:  Harrison and Cleveland," and "Striding Boldly in World Affairs:  McKinley, War, and Imperialism."
Chapter 21, "`Carry a Big Stick':  Roosevelt, Taft, and World Affairs"

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