The student must complete the requisite orientation for all online courses.  You can access this orientation by clicking on the link on the left side of your courses.

After this, click on the course link (United States History 1877 to Present).

WebCT 6 contains common elements (all explained in the requisite orientation).  On the left-hand side of your page is a persistent navigational tool, or menu.  This menu can be minimized or maximzed, but it is always there.

Click on the folder labled "Getting Started."  Read this orientation as well as the course syllabus.  When you are thoroughly familar with these, take the first Assessment, "Syllabus and Orientation Quiz."

Before starting the course content, do the following tasks:

1.  Use the WebCT e-mail tool to send a message to the Instructor.
2.  Click on the Discussion tab.  Click on Student Introductions.  Post an introduction of yourself to the class and respond to an introduction from a classmate.

This course is divided into three units.  Each unit consists of:

1.  Lectures
2.  Assessments
3.  (possibly) Assignment
4.  Exam

The final exam unit consists solely of review quizzes (i.e., assessments).