In this course, I offer you a sample essay as a guide to how to structure your history essays.  However, that essay does not offer you a proper guide for formatting your paper because the sample is an HTML document that cannot be formatted (such as double-spaced) as you would a word-processing document.  So here are some guidelines for properly formatting your papers submitted to Assignments:

1.  Save your document in Microsoft Word format.  Even if you have Works or Word Perfect, you can save the paper in Word format.
2.  Do not use Rich Text Format or HTML--only plain text, please. 
3.  Use Times New Roman or Arial 12-point fonts only.  Also, use only black font on a white background.
4.  Double space your paper.  Format your margins in the following manner:  left margin, 1 1/2 "; all other margins 1".
5.  Include your name, course and section number in a header on the first page only; number subsequent pages.
6.  Always include a bibliography of sources consulted (even if it's only this web site or your textbook) on a separate bibliography page at the end of your paper.  This is very important!  Failure to cite sources constitutes plagiarism, which is a very seriouis offense.
7.  Do not include pictures or illustrations in an essay.
8.  Do not use a cover sheet.

Other notes:  always use spell check and grammar check before you submit your paper!  (You would be amazed at how often people forget to use these simple tools.)

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