Overview This section will focus on the establishment and early growth of European colonies in North America.  The student should be able to compare and contrast (a) the differences among the character of the colonies founded by each nation (i.e., English, French, Dutch) as well as (b) the differences among the primary English colonies (Massachusetts Bay, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Carolina).  Points of comparison include:  government; religion; nature of colonial society; relationship with Indians; labor.  The student should also be cognizant of how events in Europe affected the colonies.  
  Terms, Questions and Thinking Points  
Lecture One Jamestown and Virginia  
Lecture Two New England  
Lecture Three Other Nations in America and the English Civil War  
Lecture Four The English Civil War and the Restoration Colonies  
Lecture Five The Dominion of New England the the Glorious Revolution  
Quiz Colonization Canvas
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